As if I'm not already doing enough, I've decided to take on ONE MORE goal of Mine..are y'all ready...I'M STARTING MY VERY OWN PODCAST! That's right, Sha Janelle Goode won't only be on your computer screens but I'll also be in your earbuds! Hmm..that didn't quite sound the way that i'd hoped.

For those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning, first of all, thank you and second of all, you may remember that I used to include video introductions to each blog post. When I initially started my blog I really wanted to figure out what was the best way for me to go about connecting with my audience. While writing truly is something that I've grown to love, it'll never give me that same sense of connection that speaking does! One thing that people have always said about me is that I'm very "expressive" in person. You can tell what I'm thinking and feeling just by looking at my face and listening to my voice. Therefore, my first thought was "ah-ha! I'll launch my blog BUT also have a vlogginess (is that even a word??) to it. Well, that only lasted about a week because something about it didn't seem quite right. However, it was at that moment that the idea of a Podcast, popped into my head! Unfortunately, I was very quickly discouraged when I started to google "how to start a podcast" and nothing but expensive equipment and studio rentals came up! 

Fast forward to a few months ago, the idea still not out of my mind, I decided to do more research. After all, it seemed like everyone and their mom were creating podcasts and knew that little ole me could do the same. It didn't take long for me to find the perfect resource to get my Podcast started and well, the rest is kind of history. 


First off, for any aspiring podcasters out there I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend checking out the link above to John Lee Dumas, Free Podcast Course or FPC. Throughout the course, which is only fifteen days, he provides you with daily tips/guides to work on to help you, from Podcast topic curation to recording and publishing on iTunes! One of the first things we worked through in the course was TOPIC and AVATAR selection. While I'm sure most of you understand what I mean by "topic," you might be is an avatar? Well an avatar is quite simply, as John says, that ONE perfect listener! In the course he asks you to really think about things like, their name or age, job, struggles, obstacles, etc. So without further ado, I give yall my Podcast: 


You know when you were younger and your teacher's or your parent's would ask "Honey, what do you want to be when you grow up?" When you were five you'd probably say something super courageous or strong like a Policeman OR a Firefighter. Maybe as you got older that changed to a Doctor OR a Lawyer. Then years later, when you're freshman in college your counselor asked you the very same thing and your response was immediately something sensible like, "I want to major in business because it's reliable and I'll definitely be able to find a job once I graduate." Documents are signed, your counselor says, "great choice!" and you end up spending the next four years doing exactly what you set out to do. Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong, at least in my experience. 

You see, I think the issue was, growing in my generation saying that you wanted to be this OR that was your only option. But why couldn't you be this AND that. Why couldn't you be a Firefighter AND a Policeman, a Doctor AND a Lawyer? Why couldn't you major in Business AND be a wildly successful athlete. Mind you, I'm not just talking double majoring here. I'm talking whole heartedly pursuing both. What's even worse is that I think the options for AND anything, becomes even fewer and farther between for women. My Podcast will focus on the diverse, trailblazing women who have decided that OR isn't an option. What's the saying now..."find you a girl that can do both?" How about, "find you a girl that can do it ALL." 

I want to highlight the diverse women who are the Mothers the Policewomen, the athletes AND the whatever else they want to be. We need to showcase more women, doing the damn thing and doing it well! 


Without sounding egotistical, my avatar is me. My avatar is the Sha ages 18-23. The Sha who, despite knowing that deep down she wanted to do it ALL, was too afraid to go for it ALL. Going for it ALL would mean potentially giving up a life of stability. It would potentially mean living a life that I saw my mom struggle through while raising two kids on her own on nickels and dimes. You see, growing up where and when I did, I didn't have a ton of role models (outside of the phenomenal women in my family) to look up to that looked like me. I was a young, black, ambitious kid surrounded by old, white, successful men. I mean other than Oprah, (PRAISE BE!) I didn't have much exposure to successful black female's that were doing it all! I want to change that for the young black youth black of today. I want to give them a place to come where they feel like they're looking into a mirror of what their life could be like if they stepped outside of the box that society and upbringing, has carved out for them. 

So there y'all have it! You know my topic and you know who I'm targeting now PLEASE help me name this thing! Leave a comment, send a text hell, y'all can even slide into the DM, just help a girl out! 

Also, if you want a little sneak peak of what it'll be like listening to my currently nameless podcast click below!!