First, if you haven't read the preface to this, Click here and give that a read. If you have, please continue.

The day I was fired felt so surreal and relieving at the very same time. I say this because, I was fired on a Wednesday and the Monday prior, I posted the following message in a Facebook group that I'm apart of:  


So you can imagine my utter sense of, this is nothing short of amazing, when I walked into that room and learned my fate. Now you might be reading this and think, "Wow, she got lucky." However, me being the Christian that I am, there's no doubt in my mind that this was his way of telling me that I have another plan for you and it's time for me to reveal it. Out that door I went with admittedly, with the biggest smile I've had in the longest time. No tears, a little fear but mainly excitement for what the future now looked like for me. 


I took the night to let it all soak in then woke up Thursday morning ready to GO. 

Since I don't really believe in setting New Years resolutions per se, I gave myself a list of goals to accomplish by the end of 2018. One of the main goals being to leave corporate life behind...which was graciously done for me. On top of that though, I was going to spend the next twelve months, paying down personal debt and student loans. I planned to crank up my writing game so that I could start submitting to sites for potential freelance opportunities. Then lastly, I planned to create a side hustle offering Social Media Management, Website Design and more to other small businesses.  Since that twelve-month timeline has basically been thrown out the window and moved up to...now, here are the steps I've taken in just the few short days to make that money move: 

1. Hello Freelance Writing 

If you haven't noticed, I've refocused my blog to start writing pieces that I feel are more representative of who I want to be as a writer. Yes, I want to share my stories and my experiences, but I want to leave my readers with advice and key takeaways that will allow them to grow through similar changes that they've experienced. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I've personally gone through more change than I ever thought I would at this age. It's felt extremely lonely and scary at times, so if sharing what I've learned from my experiences can help even one person get through the often grueling growing pains that come with change, then I'll feel like I've accomplished my goal. I'm primarily using Holly Johnson's course, "How to Earn More Writing," to fine tune my writing skills and gain the skills and more importantly, CONFIDENCE to begin submitting pieces to relevant websites once I have a portfolio I'm proud of.

2. Build a Virtual Assistant business

I found the Cassie and Shay's Bucketlist Bombshell courses when I first moved to New York City. They are two digital nomads and uber successful boss ladies, who in the matter of a few years went from working in the draining 9-5 world, to traveling the world while building their own businesses. They created a few courses that have helped thousands of women, gain the necessary skills to do the same exact thing for themselves. I personally purchased the Tech Skills courses and am almost through them. What I've learned so far has actually been extremely beneficial to my writing and in terms of being able to market myself through my social media platforms and even fine tune small things here and there on my site! Once I finish the courses, I'll be able to offer Social Media Management, Website Development, and other Virtual Assistant services to other entrepreneurs around the world!

3. Grow as a Fitness Professional

At the end of 2017 I achieved a goal of mine that I've had for so long! I studied my ass of and was finally awarded a CrossFit Level 1 certificate. I am now a Coach at BRICK New York however, since I'm only covering for coaches that need coverage on occasion, I'm also looking for other part-time opportunities at gyms that'll allow me to expand my experience beyond BRICK and grow as a fitness professional.

4. Literally anything else!

One of the reasons I knew NYC was a city for me was because, success here is only attainable if you're willing to grind. Something I've learned about myself is that when I lose that ability to be scrappy I get bored. Making all the money in the world is awesome, but if that means I'm sitting doing mundane tasks to earn it and not pushing myself, it's just not worth it to me. Going forward, I'll only do things that I want to do, that bring me joy and that fulfill me, mind body and soul. Maybe I'll nanny part-time or walk freaking dogs for God sake because if it means that I wake up looking forward to the day ahead of me, sign me up. 

I find it pretty hysterical that it took me moving to one of the most expensive cities and losing my job to finally ask myself, "what is my idea of success?" I did everything that I was supposed to do. I got a great education, have worked for reputable companies, and made great money doing so. However, when I ask myself when I've felt the happiest or when I felt the most successful, I'm immediately brought way back to being a Senior in college. When I was making $100-$150 doing my work study job, volunteering, waking up at 6 am and not coming home until 10 pm, dedicating my time to this organization or that and basically doing what I wanted to do because it fueled my passions.

In 2018 I'll turn 27, that's three short years away from being 30. I'll probably make less money than I did when I was 23 but be as happy as I was when I was 20, I'd say it's going to be my best year yet.