For as long as I can remember make-up has been something that I've loved experimenting with.

When I had Barbie's I'd take my Crayon's and paint all over their faces. Then when I got my very first Cabbage Patch doll I used it as an excuse to start dipping into my mom's makeup cabinet. Eventually I started sneakily taking my mom's MAC powder foundation to school with me and applying it in the bathroom once she dropped me off. Then, don't even get me started on the shit I'd allow my friend's to put on my face during sleepovers. Let's just say blue most definitely ISN'T my color. 

As an adult, I'd like to think that I've gotten pretty good at knowing how to make up my face and rather enjoy the routine of it. The smokey eye in particular is a look that I can slayyy day in and day out. However, the one thing that I've always felt takes my look from a 5 to a TEN are a good set of lashes. There was a point in time where I wore strip lashes every freaking day because God so graciously blessed me with the curliest, shortest lashes you've ever seen in your life and I didn't have an alternate solution. Realistically could I get a set of lash extensions and have them touched up every 2-3 weeks? Sure but I'd rather spend that $200 on workout clothes or...more make up? 

After a little research, I stumbled on a few heated eyelash curlers that women with straight eyelashes use instead of the manual alternative. So I thought to myself, just like you can use a hair straightener to curl the hair on your head, I've got to be able to use the lash curler to straighten my lashes. Off I went to my local Ulta Beauty store and purchased my very first heated eyelash curler that looks a little something like this. They actually don't even carry it anymore, so I'm glad I found it when I did. 

I had that little guy for about a year and while it certainly helped solve my issue, it was a bitch to keep up with. You see it took one AAA battery to power that bad boy, which then only lasted about 2-3 uses. So when I first started using it, I kept going back to Target to buy packs of AAA batteries, until I decided I should probably invest in a rechargeable set. Ugh long story short even that got old after while.

It dawned on me eventually that there had to be an electronic version out there so that I could stop wasting my money on batteries and sure enough there was! Bloomie's had a small USB powered option by Glowhaus, which I've just recently come a proud owner of. 

There's no better way for y'all to see the magic that this tool has brought to my life than to show you, so please enjoy this beautifully edited video. 

If you're still not convinced/had as hard of a time seeing the difference as I did capturing it, here are also a few of my favorite, eyelash batting, selfies.

Before vs. After

Whether you have curly lashes like myself or just want an to try a new tool that will add a little more life to your lash game, I'd highly recommend that you invest in a heated curler. It'll change your life like it's changed mine and your future Snapchat selfies will thank you.