Being fit is a state of mind.

It's more than having abs every second of the day or having the infamous "thigh gap." While this is the mindset I have now, that hasn't always been the case.

After graduating college I was the most unhealthy I'd ever been. I spent my first few months of "adulthood" drinking and eating literally ALL THE THINGS.  I woke up one morning, stepped on my scale and when it ready 182 pounds I was nothing short of heartbroken. I've never been a thin girl and for much of my life that bothered me. So stepping on that scale and seeing that number took me back to that place. That was when I needed to make a decision; was going to wallow in self doubt or was it tome for me to pick myself up and get to work?

Enough was enough and I was ready to start my journey to a healthier life. First, there was Weight Watchers which taught me to stay accountable with their point system and weekly check-ins. Then, there was Nutrisystem, which got me into the habit of bringing lunch regularly. What was a real game changer for me though was when I stumbled upon the Tone it Up community. This was a huge discovery because it was the first time that I felt surrounded by like minded people that prioritized eating well AND working out. 

 I was finally on the right path but what I found tricky was it was hard for me to find a balance. Instead I turned down any any invite that would put me in front of anything tempting. Happy Hours, concerts, weekend trips, you name it--I said no! That lasted for about 6 months and while I was losing weight, I was doing so at the expense of and losing friendships and experiences.

I had to snap out of it!

It wasn't easy and it took a lot of accepting myself, loving myself and being kind to myself. However, the main thing that helped me get to where I am today, was time. I wish that every, single, female in the world woke up loving themselves inside and out. But a lot of that takes time and maturity to get. In my experience, losing the weight or dropping a pant size wont change how you feel on the inside just how you look on the outside. 

 Today, I am both physically and mentally fit. I am the girl who loves herself because of her flaws. I am the girl who likes to workout because there's no better feeling than knowing your body can get you through the hardest hour of your life. And I eat clean (most days) because it's the only way to fuel your body so that you can get through that hardest hour of your life.

I challenge y'all to do one thing: 

Stop. Look in the mirror (or my favorite take a Selfie). Then say to yourself "you's a sexy bitch."

I'm not going to sit here and act like I don't have my moments of self doubt or judgement. But it's always your personal choice to either sit and wallow in that or brush it off and move on about your business. You owe it to yourself to live this one life you have to the fullest and love yourself because of your so called flaws. 

Do that and you'll start to see that you're pretty freaking awesome.