When it comes to beauty products, I'm far from pro status. I barely like to wash my face before bed so I tend to be more of a minimalist in that department. 

However, over the last year or so  I've fallen in love with a few products that I'd now consider a crucial part of my night/daytime routine. Check them out below and maybe you'll even start to incorporate them into your own routine: 

Olay Cold Cream Cleanser + Moisturizer: 

I was visiting a friend for the weekend and she had these products in her bathroom. It took me one wash and I was hooked. Cream Cleansers seem to be all the rage right now and from what I can tell most people love the fact that they're not harsh on the skin AND they moisturize. I pair the Cream Cleanser with the Olay Moisturizer (if I'm being honest I only use the moisturizer maybe every other night). The combination of these two leaves my skin feeling #ahunnit. I bought these products from Target and signed up for their subscription service! 


Oh. My. God. If there's one item on this list that I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you invest in it's NeuLash. I have very short and curly eyelashes. That was one area that I was not blessed in. It's actually quite annoying. I've tried everything to enhance my lashes! I've worn strip extensions, individual extensions, mascara fibers, etc. I've seriously tried it all. Last year I was getting my individual lash extensions installed and the lady who did them mentioned she used NeuLash in addition to extensions. She felt they helped keep her lashes strong in additional to making them grow. I walked out of her house with a banging set of extensions and my very first tube of NeuLash and it was seriously the best purchase I've ever made! My lashes have grown exponentially, are super strong AND look flawless. 

European Wax Center: Smooth Me Wipes + Reveal Me Serum

Let's be real ladies, for those of us who wax regularly ingrown hairs are an absolute bitch! They're painful, embarrassing and for me take forever to go away. I started waxing regularly about 4 months ago and during my first appointment my lady highly recommended that I buy the wipes and use them every other day so I did! About two months later I purchased the serum because I noticed I was still getting a few ingrowns here and there. I feel like these two together have definitely been a dynamic duo for me. For those of you who don't know this, ingrown hair is more common for people with curly hair. I even red an article once that said 80% of men who experience razor bumps/ingrown hairs are men of color! Freaking crazy. So if you're one of the many blessed souls with curly/course hair please think about investing in these products! 

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

If I'm being honest this is the only product I've fallen in love with since subscribing to Birchbox. First and foremost, the freaking smell is AHmazing! I feel like I use it more for that than anything! Then I started to use it for what it was actually meant for and applied it to my hair prior to blow drying and straightening it. It's a fan favorite on Birchbox and literally one of the highest rated products. I've also literally been in the gym locker room and sparked up conversations with girls after they've pulled this gem out of their bag. So join the club yall.