I don't know about y'all, but I genuinely hope that one day Cancer becomes as curable as the common flu. 

October is breast cancer awareness month and all around me I'm seeing companies, sports teams, heck even my gym, paying tribute for those lives lost and raising awareness on ways to fight this awful disease. In a Shape magazine article from earlier this week, writer Faith Brar shared that the American Cancer Society announced a 40 percent drop in breast cancer deaths. Though that's an amazing improvement, the world still faces the bleak reality that 1 in every 8 women get diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives, which actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus just shared on Instagram as she was announcing that her herself was now the 1 in 8. 

While I was getting ready for work a few days ago, my ears peaked when I overheard Robin Roberts, a breast cancer survivor herself, on Good Morning America with Surgical Breast Cancer Specialist, Doctor to Angelina Jolie and founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center Dr. Kristi Funk. The two discussed new trends in breast cancer treatment, like a new 3D breast screening technology, that have lead to 34% more breast cancer diagnosis and 17% fewer false call backs; they debunked a lot of myths out there that women hear from their girlfriend who had a girlfriend who talked to their doctor ("Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips," 2016). For example

90-95% of those diagnosed have zero family history

5-10% are due to an inherited gene mutation (pure bad luck!)

 85% have no relatives with breast cancer 

While those stats are pretty disheartening, a large portion of the 1.7M breast cancers being diagnosed globally this year alone, we're able to control AND prevent. How? Well, some of it is through your normal screenings both at home and through seeing your doctor. However, my favorite part of the segment was learning a lot of it can be prevented through, drum roll please...your diet! If there's one thing you've learned from reading many of my posts, it's that if there's a cure to be had through changing my diet, I'll be the first one to sign up! 

Here are a few things that Kristi shared with Robin and viewers: 

1) The Super hero Veggie.

Broccoli and Culiflower and Brussle Sprouts, OH MY! These bad boys seek and destroy cancer cells

2) Did someone say antioxidants? 

Blue? Ras? Straw? Indian goose? Whatever, in Kristie's own words, Berries "make cancer cells commit suicide." Through a process called apoptosis, which of course I had to look up, is the death of cells that occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism's growth or development. Apparently, they're even better at getting the job done when you have them frozen! I find they're cheaper that way.

3) Superfoods for the win.

When you combine pepper and tumeric together, maybe with some some eggs or flax seeds (for my fellow vegans) or even a smoothie, it acts as a breast health superfood and is anti-estrogene.

4) Myth busting. 

Soy. Yep, yall read that correctly, studies show that if you consume whole foods soy, i.e. tempeh, soy beans, miso, etc. these are anti-estrogenes in your body. This can lead to 60% less breast cancers and 29% death from breast cancer! 

I walked to work that day with a smile on my face and ready to hit Trader Joe's for my next haul! Here's the thing, berries and broccoli and spices don't guarantee that you'll never be diagnosed with any type of cancer ever. It does however, give you simple and relatively cheap was to ensure that you're doing all that you can to make that possible. I'm not a huge fan of taking over the counter medications. For one they're pretty damn expensive and two, I know there are plenty of foods out there that can do the trick. 

Do me a favor, head to your On Demand channel or click on this link and jump to about minute 47, the segment will only take up about 3 minutes of your time but the benefits could last a lifetime.