Sha Janelle goode

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Ever ambitious, constantly hungry (literally and figuratively) and determined as hell, that's me in a nutshell. I honestly think that I came out of the womb thirsty for all life's curveballs and have, though at times hesitantly, gotten through them with flying colors and for that I'm pretty freaking proud. 

Hey yall, my name is Sha and if you don't already know me personally everything that I share with you on my blog will make you feel like you do. I'm a business woman, a coach/trainer and fitness enthusiast, I have a small group of friends that I LOVE, a family that I adore and a dream that I can't ignore. I currently live in New York City where I moved to in February of 2017 to finally go after the life that I'd been longing for ever since graduating college in 2013. 

I started this blog to share my thoughts, feelings, actions, passions and so so so much more. I am an open book and always will be! From fashion and beauty tips to the sh*t that most women wouldn't dare to share, you'll find it here!

It only took me 26 years to become the Sha that I am today BUT I'm genuinely the happiest I've ever been. I hope you enjoy everything I'm putting out there and if you don't, "then frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."